Anger is growing across Wiltshire almost as quickly as the county’s grass, as more residents voice their frustrations over uncut grass.

People in Hilperton have complained about the state of the Millards Close play area and neighbours now bringtheir own strimmers to tackle the 3ft grass.

Chris Holton visits with daughter Grace, three. He said: “I contacted the council last year when it was bad and they said it would never happen again, but now it’s massively overgrown again”

The Wiltshire Times has also been contacted by residents complaining about the state of grass verges and public parks on Cloford Close, off Broadmead, the Long-meadow Estate, and on Wiltshire Drive, off the A363.

Resident Paul Christie said: “There’s a green field area off Wiltshire Drive where the grass is pretty much above my knees.

“I do appreciate they have got issues, but part of our council tax payment is for communal areas to be cut.

“If it’s not cut regularly I will ring them up to say I am not paying my council tax bill until you cut my grass.”

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