Children at Rushall Primary School got an insight into a life of poverty when poet Philip Wells called in during his barefoot journey from Cornwall to Anglesey.

Also known as the Fire Poet, Mr Wells is undertaking the 1,000-mile pilgrimage to raise awareness of the world’s barefoot children.

Money raised will benefit the Barefoot Billion Children via three charities: the Born Free Foundation, the Cons-ortium for Street Children and Ocean Stars Trust.

On Wednesday, he stopped at Rushall to teach pupils about the children living in developing countries and told them about his Barefoot Billion project.

School headteacher Marion Harvey said: “We were quite intrigued to hear about what he is doing, because it is something quite different.

“In the past, we have we have raised money for ShelterBox and some of our older pupils are quite aware of what goes on in other parts of the world.

“All the children wanted to help him with his fundraising and went out afterwards in bare feet.”