YOUNGSTERS at Oaktree Nursery and Primary School went back to the swinging ’60s yesterday as they celebrated 50 years of education on the site.

Dressed up in clothes from the era, the children enjoyed a street party in the bright sunshine with ’60s music playing throughout.

A time-capsule containing various items linked to the school was also buried by the school’s youngest and oldest pupils, two-year-old Keiley Lewis-Goodchild and 11-year-old Rhys Salvage.

The day was organised by teacher Julie Dyer, who came up with the idea of the capsule. She said: “We would like it that the next time there is a landmark event, in maybe 25 years time, we can show the children of the day what the school life is like now.

“We have put in lots of children’s work and other items, such as a school menu, which give a great impression of the school.

“It would be lovely if the capsule was opened by the child of someone who is at our school now. We have some pupils here whose grandparents came here, so it is possible.”

Rhys has been at Oaktree since nursery and said he has enjoyed his time there.

He said: “I am really proud to be helping bury the capsule. I have been here since nursery and I can remember back then. It has been really good all the way through and I have lots of good memories.”

The school originally opened in September 1963 as Park South Infant and Junior Schools, with Oaktree officially forming when the two amalgamated in 2000.

Headteacher Sue Rees said: “This is a great day for the school and we are all really proud to be celebrating it.

“It is not too often you get to celebrate 50 years of teaching on one site so we are making the most of it.

“All the staff have dressed up for the occasion and we have been teaching the children all about the ’60s.”

The celebrations continue today with the school’s annual summer fair, which starts at 11am and runs until 1pm. There will be a number of games, and refreshments will be available.

As it is such a special celebration, the hope is that as #many ex-pupils attend as possible.