A GROUP of vandals left a trail of destruction in their wake in the early hours of Saturday morning as they set about kicking wing mirrors of parked cars.

In the space of half an hour, around 12 cars were damaged from Moredon to Rodbourne before the group disappeared under a subway close to Ferndale Road.

The bulk of the damage was caused on Cobden Road, where at least 12 cars were hit.

Becky Watts, 33, of Cobden Road, heard the commotion outside and rang the police.

She said: “I heard all the shouting and banging at around 12.30am. They went down each of the cars and started kicking in the wing mirrors, which was what the loud noises were.

“They annihilated the one next door before going on to ours. They were just walking in the middle of the street completely brazen. The police said it was an incident that started in Moredon and they have been following them from there.They went out of view and got into the subway.

“We get stuff like this all the time round here. Last summer we got burgled when they tried to get into the back gardens.

Mark Jones, 41, said: “It tends to be on the hot nights when they have got nothing better to do. They probably think ‘let’s get smashed and smash things up’.”

Joe McGill, 75, had the wing mirror ripped from his car while he slept.

He said: “I took sleeping tablets that night so I slept through the whole thing. They have really had a go at mine but I didn’t hear any of the commotion.

“It’s not the end of the world, but we did different things when we were young.

“Apparently they came from Moredon and there is damage all the way down.”

No arrests have yet been made in connection with the incident.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “We received a number of calls during Saturday night regarding five people causing criminal damage to cars. All involved sounds of disorder.

“The first call came in at around 12.05am from Moredon, and it seems they have gone from Moredon through Pinehurst into Cobden Road kicking wing mirrors off cars.

“The second call from Pinehurst came in at 12.20am, before a number of reports from Cobden Road came through at around 12.30am.

“One car has been affected in Moredon, one more in Pinehurst, and it seems around 10 to 12 cars in Cobden Road. We had three reports during the night and more came through this morning.

“Nobody has yet been arrested in connection with the incidents and enquiries are still ongoing.”

If anyone has any information on the incident they should contact Wiltshire Police on non-emergency number 101.