A plea for foster carers to take in abandoned cats and kittens has been made by the Melksham-based Cats’ Action Trust.

Trust spokesperson Lilian Wordley said: “We are really struggling at the moment because so many cats are being brought in but we don’t have enough space for all of them to be given a home.

“Some of their stories are really heartbreaking, such as the lone kitten which was found cowering in a carrier bag after being dumped behind some bins.

"We’ve also cared for cats who have been left traumatised due to accidents or neglect.

“Our own fundraising covers all of their expenses, so all they need to do is provide the loving care and attention that these cats so desperately crave.

“We’d particularly like to attract some of the younger generation so that we can continue to offer support when our older volunteers retire.”

For more information call 01380 850406 or email catsactiontrust@gmail.com