A COACHLOAD of Swindon campaigners are heading to London on Saturday to take part in a No More Austerity demonstration.

Swindon People’s Assembly, part of a national pressure group, will be taking 57 members and joining 100 other sister groups from across the country in the action.

The society is part of People’s Assembly Against Austerity, which launched in 2013 and has the backing of trade unions including Unite and Unison. The London demonstration will start at BBC HQ at 1pm with the crowd marching to Parliament Square.

There will be speeches from comedian Russell Brand, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Len McCluskey, Unite’s general secretary, among others.

Kate Linnegar, Swindon People’s Assembly secretary, said: “The aim of the event is to get as many people together as possible to show the Government that we are against the continued cuts they are making.

“The response has been really good in Swindon, all our places on the coach are taken and if each group from across the country can take a coachload we’ll have a big crowd.”

Kate said that People’s Assembly Against Austerity launched when campaigners, highlighting a variety of causes, decided to club together. Saturday’s rally is calling for the Government to revise its cuts programme, invest in social housing, introduce a statutory living wage and safeguard the NHS.

Kate said: “Some people are unaware of what is happening. Some people feel perhaps that they are not affected by these policies. They may discover they are if they become sick, disabled or unemployed.

“Perhaps when they have to pay to see their GP or find they have to do workfare to receive any benefits, or can’t access affordable legal aid, or can’t earn enough to pay their food, heating and travel costs, they will realise what is happening. “The only way to make a change is for millions of us stand up together and say that this is unacceptable.”

The Swindon group will be setting off from Coate at 10am and Kate said plans are in place to welcome anyone else who wishes to join the demonstration.

She said: “If people still want to come, the coaches from Bristol People’s Assembly and Unite have offered to pick people up from Swindon. We’re also considering sorting out car shares or hiring a minibus if we have enough interest.”

Tonight, Swindon People’s Assembly members will be in Canal Walk, between 5-6pm, to highlight their cause and welcome anyone who wishes to travel to London with them on Saturday.

For more information call 01793 522824 or email peoplesassemblyswindon@gmx.co.uk