IT MIGHT be hard to imagine Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard and Neymar Jr all in the same line-up.

While it may never happen in reality you can find them on the same menu at the Jewel in the Crown, in Victoria Road, for the duration of this summer’s World Cup.

Speciality chef Constantino de Souza, who has been working with owner Muzammil Ali for 10 years, has devised four dishes to celebrate and continue a long-standing tradition at the restaurant of marking the tournament held every four years.

Brazilian star Neymar has his name attached to the so-called ‘Genius Moqueca de Camara’, while Agentine sensation Messi is a ‘Mercurial Curry de Frango’.

England captain Gerrard warrants a Captain Kholopuri and Portugal talisman Ronaldo is honoured with a Royal Kadai.

Mr Ali said he was backing England in the World Cup and always celebrated the competition because of his love of football while growing up as a child in what is now Bangladesh.

The 60-year-old said: “Ever since we could walk we would play football, with balls we had made out of straw or with pomelo fruit. It was bigger than cricket back then.

“I love the World Cup. I’ve tried the dishes and they are all very good. I chose Gerard because he is the captain and a great player – the dish is mild and 80 per cent of English people order chicken.

“If there was a curry for Rooney it would be a vindaloo.”

A special set menu for £9.99 can see you pick one of those dishes, along with a starter including a ‘Baines’ (Brazilian bhajis) and a side including a ‘Sturridge’ (special fried rice) or a ‘Rooney’ (red hot garlic naan).