MAYOR Teresa Page has been out on the town flipping burgers with some of the town’s business and catering students.

Each year, Paul Booth, fthe ranchisee of eight McDonald’s restaurants in the area and the chairman of the Swindon BID group, welcomes the new mayor to the town centre restaurant to have a go at flipping the burgers.

As usual, yesterday’s flipping lesson coincided with a visit from students from around the town who toured the restaurant to learn more about the business and the industry.

Paul said: “The first thing we do is take a group photograph when they come in, which always raises a few objections.

“We had about 180 students studying business and catering subjects come in and have a look around and get an idea of what it’s like working in a real life situation.

“They have a chance to look in the restaurant, including the staff areas and the kitchen areas, and normally of course they’d only be able to go as far as the counter.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to find out how it all works in practice.

“We also have business managers come in to do the tours and then the students can see what kind of career they might be able to follow.

“Everyone really enjoys it as well, we’re all on our best behaviour as we really like the opportunity to show off what we are all about.”