WILTSHIRE Police are urging visitors intending to celebrate the summer solstice at Stonehenge to use public transport.

The event, which is managed by English Heritage, takes place on the evening of Friday, June 20 into Saturday, June 21.

Superintendent Gavin Williams said: “As the solstice occurs at the start of the weekend this year, we anticipate higher numbers of people attending and therefore more vehicles in the area.

Parking is limited and we advise people to use public transport such as the Salisbury solstice bus service wherever possible to avoid disappointment.

“Vehicles will be turned away once the available space has been filled and any vehicles parked illegally will be dealt with.

“We would advise non solstice traffic to avoid the area if possible.

Stonehenge will be open from 7pm on Friday to 8am on Saturday. For information on the solstice bus service visit www.salisburyreds.co.uk/summer-solstice