Thieves tried to take more than £500 worth of alcohol from Sainsbury's in Melksham on Monday on two separate occasions.

Two men tried to steal more than £300 worth of whisky at around 1.50pm.

One man deliberately set off the store’s security alarm with a small item while the other tried to get through with a trolley laden with bottles.

The alcohol was recovered but the suspects, a white man and an Asian man, both escaped.

Later that same day a man was charged with attempted theft after an alleged attempt to steal £200 worth of vodka.

Catalin Adrain Corodea, 33, was apparently seen loading 17 bottles into a trolley at the Sainsbury’s store in Bath Road on Monday at around 7pm.

Corodea, who gave a home address at in Northamptonshire, has now been released on police bail.