Trowbridge Town Hall Friends had an anniversary tea party on Saturday to mark 125 years since the royal opening of the historic building in 1889 by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Albany.

The party launched by Town Crier Trevor Heeks, included a re-enactment of the original opening. The Trowbridge Players wore costumes and there were two performances from the Kujawy Polish dancers.

Inside the Town Hall, the Magistrate’s Court was transformed into a tea room, with an array of home-made cakes provided by volunteers and supporters. Trowbridge mayor Glyn Bridges unveiled a specially commissioned commemorative plate made by local wood turner John Aitken, whose demonstrations were recently featured in the Cloth Arts exhibition at the Town Hall. Rosemary Hawkes, of the Town Hall Friends, said: “The historical re-enactment by the Trowbridge Players was excellent and very fitting.

“When we were putting up the bunting the day before, we were thinking about what they would have been doing 125 years ago when they were getting ready for the opening.

“The Town Hall was the centre of Trowbridge life for a long time and it is a fascinating place.”

The tea room profits of about £200 will go towards the Town Hall Trust for refurbishments. The Town Hall is open on Wednes- days for tours by the Town Hall Friends, a voluntary group formed to support the trust.