HELP For Heroes fundraiser Mike Buss has had his gym repossessed by the landlord after the lease was offically forfeited yesterday.

A notice has now been pinned to the property in Maxwell Street after the landlord took back control of the gym in the morning.

The Mike Buss Personal Training Centre launched in October 2012, and began providing classes including Zumba, Bokwa and Bootcamp.

Mr Buss, 40, a former soldier from Highworth, hit headlines as an endurance athlete when he broke a number of world records in 2010, and he set up his gym two years later.

Social media presence for the gym including the Facebook page, has been removed by administrators.

Following an incident at the gym last year, Mr Buss’s former business partner is set to stand trial for assault in September of this year.

Mr Buss was arrested at the gym on May 8 on suspicion of carrying out fraud by false representation, and currently remains on bail.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “The 40 year old male arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation remains on police bail pending further inquiries.”

Following Mr Buss’s arrest, a series of events that had been planned by by him to celebrate Armed Forces Day have had to be cancelled as he vowed to clear his name.

He handed responsibility for organising the Armed Forces Day events to friends Lewis Barrett and Helen Wright.

But, after failing to meet the council to discuss health and safety regulations for a fun day in Faringdon Road Park planned for June 28, the council pulled the plug on the event.

In addition a golf day, a beauty pageant, a group abseil and a charity dinner for the Royal British Legion, The Rifles Care For Casualties and Brews And Wets, have all been cancelled.

Officers from the Sheriff’s Office, will change the locks at the gym and Mr Buss is banned from attempting to enter the premises, and could face criminal or civil charges should he attempt to do so.

A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said: “A forfeiture of lease is only carried out when there has been a breach of the licence and only affects commercial properties.

“The process now will be that officers will attend the premises if they have not done so already and usually change the locks and return the property to the landlord.

“It is carried out under common law after the landlord applies for the forfeiture.”