Police in Corsham have hit out at irresponsible drivers who have been blocking a key emergency access point used by the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The Springfield Recreation Ground is a designated drop-off point for the air ambulance, giving emergency medics easy access to homes on the Katherine Park estate and beyond.

Access is provided by a secured gate on Valley Road, but as summer draws on and the park proves more popular this is being blocked by inconsiderate parking.

PCSO Shaun Redmond said: “Fortunately, on the occasions we have had a helicopter use the park, no-one has ever been parked there. But we could have a situation where we are humping stretchers over fences.

“On a sunny day, there can be hundreds of people there and, if you start asking round for someone to move the car, the ambulance will be there by the time you find the right one.”

The police launched the appeal after a member of the public sent them a photo of a car parked against the gate, which is clearly signposted as an active emergency access point.

PCSO Redmond said: “It’s town council land, but we will still take action if we catch anyone obstructing the gate.

“It does get used a lot, so we want to keep it clear.”

Corsham town clerk David Martin said: “The council uses that gate for access as well, particularly in the summer when there is mowing to be done, but it’s handy to get people out to the ambulance.

“It’s important people know about it and it’s disappointing that a minority of people abuse it.

“The quicker someone can get into the air ambulance the better; and it could be one of their friends or family who needs it.”