TOWN centre beggar Ian Pounds has appeared in court for breaching his ASBO just days after serving a 20 week sentence.

On April 7, Pounds was jailed for breaching an anti-social behaviour order banning him from begging or selling in the town centre.

But the day he was released from prison last Monday, he was back at his solicitor’s office ahead of another court appearance.

In February Pounds had been arrested after approaching members of the Brunel centre security staff and asking them for loose change, as well as stealing bottles of perfume from the nearby 99p store.

Taking into account the sentence already served, Swindon magistrates fined Pounds £70, including £25 for each breach of the order and a £20 victim surcharge.

Pauline Lambert, prosecuting, said: “The anti-social behaviour order in place has prevented Pounds from engaging in begging in the borough of Swindon, approaching people with a view to selling them items within the borough of Swindon, or from entering any charity shops in Swindon.

“On February 3, a witness says she is in Canal Walk and hears a voice from behind her saying, ‘give us a fiver’, “He continues to follow her repeating, ‘give me a fiver’. She describes being distressed and wanting him to leave her alone.

“On February 5 was the theft from the 99p store, in which Pounds is detained by a police officer. He is searched and they find two sealed boxes of fragrance. They watch the CCTV showing Pounds selecting the items and putting the perfume in his jacket. Those goods have been recovered.

“Later that same day security at the Brunel say they are approached by Pounds, who asks a member of the security staff for any spare change.

“Pounds has fully admitted these breaches. His previous convictions show a long history of offending.”

Tony Novogrodski, defending, said the matters should have been dealt with at once considering Pounds’ previous history.

He said: “Pounds had been caught by PC Bezzant. I do not know how many times PC Bezzant has caught Mr Pounds in the town centre, but he seems to be making a career out of it. He was taken to the town centre police point, which has no facility to charge a suspect, so he was issued a summons. If he had been charged at the time these matters could have been dealt with on April 7.”