A MOTHER from Penhill could barely contain her gratitude yesterday after a special garden for her five-year-old son Morgan Gibbons neared completion.

The youngster has had to go through numerous operations, making it unsafe for him to play outside.

However, following an appeal for help to build a safe garden Morgan now has a new play area after residents and local companies answered the call Led by Tesco, and community champion Michelle Hobbs, numerous tradespeople are set to complete the new play area today with soft furnishing, a trampoline and a Wendy House.

Mum Helen Gibbons, 46, his full-time carer said: “I am absolutely overwhelmed with all the help I have been given. I can’t thank everyone enough for everything they have done.

“When we asked for help we didn’t expect everything to happen so quickly.

“Michelle has been an absolute super-hero and got everything organised. I well up just thinking about what everyone has done. It makes me proud to live in Swindon.”

Morgan, who attends Brimble Hill School was born with Down’s Syndrome, suffers from reflux, is unable to hear low tones, has recently had two cataracts and has undergone heart surgery, relying on numerous antibiotics.

In one operation he had to have half of his skull removed after the bone became infected, forcing him to wear a safety helmet.

“This will make such a difference to him,” said Helen.

“He will have an area of the garden which is just for him and{ will no longer be confined to staying indoors all the time.

“It’ll be a completely new world for him. We spend 90 per cent of our time either at the hospital or at school so it will be great for him to come home to.”

The campaign to build the garden was fronted by Ms Hobbs, who said: “This garden shows just how many good people there are in Swindon who are willing to help.”