COVINGHAM Park Primary School celebrated two successes on Friday after four students came away with special prizes.

During Walk To School Week last month youngsters at Covingham took part in a Swindon-wide competition to create the best drawing of a mode of transport from the past or future.

The KS1 winner was Indy Mark Andrews, who created a piece of artwork based on the Moon Landings.

As a reward, the youngster won a backpack and a book voucher.

David Cooper, an actor from the Histrionics group, came in to deliver a special talk on the First World War.

On the same day, the school hosted a visit from Barclays and Living Streets after youngsters Harrison in Year 3, Alana Rose in Year 5 and Megan in Year 2 won the Walk To School Banner competition.

Their winning designs will be made into a banner which will be displayed outside the school from next September.

Avril Brown, lower school lead and eco travel coordinator at the school, said: “The actor from Histrionics was so funny.

"He had all the children in hysterics as he told the story of Private Perks, a 12-year-old boy who was so tall he managed to enlist in the Army in World War one where he was a runner until his mother called him home again.

“It was a really good day and all the children really enjoyed themselves.”