Colourful costumes, samba music and blazing sunshine brought Bromham Carnival fortnight to a successful conclusion.

Young and old participated in the carnival procession on Saturday afternoon, as walking entries or on floats.

The Wrights, of Bromham, were making their first appearance in the procession as a family and decided to commemorate the Second World War.

Matthew Wright, 47, dressed as a member of the Home Guard, wife Jane, 39, was a Land Girl and sons Louis, ten, and Jago, six, were an air raid warden and an under-age soldier.

Ten-month-old Henry Stiles, in his first procession, took part in the Monster Mayhem walking entry organised by his mother, Ellen, 32, and her friends.

On Henry’s pram was a frame made of cardboard and decorated with orange fur.

Mrs Stiles, whose family owns the butchers shop in the village, said: “At last year’s procession, I was seven-and-a-half months pregnant with Henry and I was dressed as a clown. The carnival is really great fun for the kids.”

Lucy May, 36, was dressed as a damsel, with her four-year-old son, George, costumed as a knight riding on Jilly, a miniature Shetland pony.

Mrs May said: “It was George’s idea to enter. He loves riding Jilly. We normally watch the carnival; this is the first time we have entered.”

Not So Youth won best overall float and comprised women who were teenagers when they attended Bromham Youth Club in 1962. They were in dresses from that era and rock ’n’ roll music played from their float.

One of women, Eileen Dyke of Bromham, said: “Our average age is 60-ish. Not all of us live in Bromham now, but we are all Bromham girls and we meet up now and again.

“I was in the first Bromham Carnival, 50-odd years ago, and my children have been. There’s not many that I have missed. It’s a lovely atmosphere. Bromham is very special to us.”

Devizes Samba Band with Calne Valistas led the procession from The Pound field to the Jubilee Field. Also taking part were Britannia Majorettes of Swindon, Trowbridge Majorettes and Cricklade Marching Band.

The entertainment continued into the afternoon and evening with stalls, vintage fairground organ, classic cars, tractors, barbecue and live bands.

Jenna Humphries, secretary of Bromham Carnival committee, said: “It was an absolutely fantastic day. It was really well attended. Everyone made such a massive effort with the floats and costumes.

“I think it was one of the best turnouts in recent years, not just floats and walkers, but people who came along and supported it.”