Husband and wife team Sara and Robert Buttle are flying the flag for rare breed pigs at Buttle Farm in Compton Bassett, where they produce high-quality pork and charcuterie.

Mrs and Mrs Buttle, who moved to Wiltshire five years ago, look after six different rare breeds, including Oxford and Sandy Black pigs, British Saddlebacks, Tamworth and Berkshire pigs.

Large Black and Mangalitza pigs are the slowest growing, which makes them the rarest breeds.

Mr Buttle heads the charcuterie operation, producing products from salami, cured ham, and bacon to lardons, air dried ham and pancetta.

The couple sell direct to customers via e-mail and also supply several local restaurants, including The Fox at Broughton Gifford, The Bell at Ramsbury and The Barbury Inn outside Avebury.

Mr Buttle said: “Ideally we would sell all of our products within 20 miles of the farm. We know realistically that that’s not going to happen, but the more than goes to local restaurants the better.

“The thing that we do, which is quite unusual, all of our stock is pedigree. Every piglet we have is potentially part of the next breeding generation.

“If you compare the pork that we produce to a commercial pig, the flavour is significantly better.

“We’re keen to show off the quality of the meat that the rare breeds produce and charcuterie is a lovely way to extenuate the flavour.

“It’s unusual to have pedigree carcasses to start with and we do a genuine artisan product. We’re happy to take as long as the product needs to mature.”

Pigs on Buttle Farm live outdoors and are allowed to graze so that they get a higher proportion of natural food compared to commercially bred pigs.

The farm also has a flock of free-range guinea fowl. These lay during the summer months, producing eggs which are smaller and richer than a chicken’s.

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