A SHORT film about the Wroughton Airfield Solar Park, to encourage the public to show their support for the project, has been released ahead of a public inquiry in September.

The video, produced by The Science Museum Group and Swindon Commercial Services, was designed to reach out to villagers and urge them to write to the inspector charged with the examination in favour of the plans.

A public inquiry will take place between September 9 and 18 at Swindon Council.

James Owen, commercial director at Swindon Commercial Services, the firm which put the plans forward, said: “We want people to watch the film and make up their own minds if this is a good site for a solar park. It’s a very effective way of showing the site in context.”

The planning application to build a 40 MW solar park on the disused World War Two airfield, which would generate enough renewable electricity to power 12,000 average homes, was called in for an inquiry by the Secretary of State in April.

It is a joint project between Swindon Commercial Services Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swindon Borough Council, and the Science Museum Group, which owns the site.

To view the film, visit: www.scs365.co.uk/wasp.