Artwork by staff at the John Bentley School in Calne in memory of 17-year-old Tylor Stevens has been placed on a wall outside the art block.

Tylor, a pupil at the school, was born with complex congenital heart defects and died on June 28 last year after developing a chest infection.

He was a talented artist and was studying art at AS level after achieving an A* in art in his GCSEs.

Art teachers Emma Bennett, Caroline Straw and Vicky Howell used Tylor’s drawings to make two panels inspired by his favourite things.

The school also dedicated a bench to Tylor at a celebration ceremony on June 19.

Friends and staff shared their memories of Tylor with his parents David and Samantha and his sister Leah who is also a pupil at John Bentley.

The family have a picture of Tylor on the side of their house in Newcroft Road, Calne, drawn by two graffiti artists from Bristol.

Mr Stevens said: “We were taken aback with almost how personal they have made it. I had a tattoo done with Tylor’s name and they took the exact artwork and put that into the painting.

“We wouldn’t have thought the school would do something like that. It’s lovely, it’s another part of the positive effect that Tylor has spread.

“It’s a beautiful thing they have done.”

A statement from the school said: “Tylor loved art and was always making and creating.

“The art department and our new principal, Ms Laura Carleton, wanted to celebrate the spirit of Tylor and recognise this with a dedicated area in the school for a bench.

“The art department wanted to remember Tylor with images rather than words. It was important to show our school community how special Tylor was and share his beautiful work, so we composed panels using his drawings and his other passions: Doctor Who and Beaker from The Muppets.

“Our celebration was very emotional, but very positive and having the paintings and bench to look at means Tylor continues to make us smile every day”.