SWINDON’S newest craze, Loom Bands, is splitting opinion with some schools banning them because of playground problems.

Youngsters have been using the multi-coloured elastic bands to make bracelets and models. Some schools haven’t allowed pupils to wear their creations on site as they breach their jewellery rules.

Karen Pyman, Millbrook Primary School headteacher, said: “We don’t allow any jewellery in school so children aren’t allowed to wear them as they are not part of uniform. The only jewellery we allow is a watch. We know some of our pupils enjoy making loom bands and we encourage them to continue doing that outside school.”

Another school which has banned Loom Bands is Westlea Primary School.

Headteacher Rose Carberry said: “It is with regret that we have asked children to play with loom bands at home. This is due to problems on the playground with them. We do always support and encourage hobbies unless problems arise.”

Children are disappointed that they can’t wear their bracelets at school.

Caitlyn Humphries, 12, is pleased her school, Nova Hreod, allows pupils to wear their Loom Band creations.

She said: “I’m glad we get to wear them at school as I think they are great and are very colourful. Me and my friends really like making them as it gives us something to do at home rather than being on our phones.”

Loom Bands are on sale in shops across Swindon with stalls specialising in them pitching up in Regent Street.

One of the stallholders, who asked not to be named, said: “They are affordable and are keeping kids off PlayStations and computers and allowing them to get creative. I don’t see why they should be banned from schools as long as the kids aren’t making them during class times.”

Another school which has banned Loom Band bracelets is Gorse Hill Primary School but headteacher Sue Kershaw says a masterclass in making the bracelets may be possible because she thinks they have artistic value.

She said: “They are great fun but ever so messy and cause a fair bit of litter when they break so we don’t allow children to bring them into school.

“We were quite tolerant to begin with but we encountered a couple of problems unfortunately, so we are one of those grumpy schools which has banned them.

“I think they are brilliant things and allow children to get very creative allowing them to make some beautiful things so I’d certainly encourage children to keep using them. The masterclass is certainly something we’d look at.”

  • Have you been banned from making loom bands? Contact or call 01793 501806.