ST SAMPSON’S School in Cricklade was transformed into a medieval castle complete with crowds of princes and princesses this week.

To launch the whole school topic of ‘Castles’, a special day was held for the youngsters, as well as an evening of medieval themed activities for parents to enjoy with their children.

During the day, the pupils dressed in medieval outfits, made their own castles and even decorated goblets.

And after school, the children and their families enjoyed a bird of prey display, listened enthusiastically to knights talking about their weapons and medieval minstrels playing their instruments.

Headteacher Sara Kemp, who has been at the school for two years, said: “It was a really special event, it was great for everyone to come together. It absolutely poured down for the first hour and a half but then we all managed to get outside.

“The children loved it, the jester was being followed around like the Pied Piper at the end of the night and they also loved the fighting displays – they were trying to re-enact it with their plastic weapons.

“During the day the children were making their own castles out of packing boxes and they had workshops with musicians, knights and loads more. We invited the parents in by sending out scrolls, and the whole school was made to look like a castle with flags everywhere.”

Last term, The Hungry Caterpillar was the topic for the school to enjoy, which includes reception classes up to Year 2.

“There are certain things that we have to teach but because we are an infant school we do something called response learning, where we ask the children what they want to learn about. Lots of the boys said they wanted to learn about castles, and the girls are loving the princess side of it. We had lots of little princesses in school on Monday, I think we had every Disney princess imaginable.

“All the teachers and teaching assistants are so enthused about it. Next week we will have a medieval banquet then the parents will be invited in to see the work they have all been doing.”