FIVE men have been jailed for drug offences following an undercover police operation in Swindon.

Ares Agnelli, 26, of Graham Street, Rahim Moussa, 24, of Gooch Street, Barkhad Jama, 29, of West Drayton, Middlesex, Valentino Aloba, 24, of Westcott Place and Gary Turner, 34, of Frobisher Drive, all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Agnelli was sentenced to 4 years 8 months, Moussa, Jama and Aloba were given 2 years 8 months each and Turner received 3 years. 

A sixth man, Shane Harper, 23, of no fixed abode failed to turn up to the hearing and a warrant for his arrest has been issued.

The men were all part of the Locks drugs network which distributed heroin and crack cocaine in and around Swindon.

The undercover operation ran from June to December last year and involved undercover officers infiltrating the gang and buying drugs.

A number of police raids also took place at addresses in Cricklade Road and Manchester Road.

These latest arrests were the result of police activity under Operation Atlantic - a dedicated operation targeting individuals who come into the county to deal Class A drugs.

Head of the drugs unit at Wiltshire Police, Sergeant Scott Hargreave said: “This case is just an example of the policing activity in what is an everyday priority and we will continue to arrest, disrupt and counter drugs traffickers seeking to establish their trade here.

“These individuals bring harm into our communities through drugs and associated crime and violence.

"Historically, they have seen Wiltshire as a place where they can peddle their trade unchecked.

“Since the inception of Operation Atlantic and a coordinated effort by Wiltshire Police and partner agencies in Swindon and the rest of Wiltshire to tackle these individuals, the success has been remarkable.

“We have intelligence to indicate the drug traffickers from larger cities such as London and Bristol no longer see Swindon and Wiltshire as an ‘easy’ place for them because of the continued police action against them.

“Over the past year we have increased patrols in certain areas and targeted addresses which are believed are being used for drug dealing."

If anyone has any information which they believe could be helpful they can call the Wiltshire Police drugs helpline on 01793 507900 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously.