Up to 3,000 homes could go without bin collections today, as refuse workers join the day of mass strike action.

Libraries and schools have also been closed as staff take to the picket line to protest over pay, conditions and pensions, with a rally planned this morning outside County Hall in Trowbridge.

The council warned planned some refuse collections could be suspended during the strike, but does not anticipate a lengthy backlog, with most bins expected to be collected by the end of the week.

A council spokesman said: “It’s a bit unclear as to how widely they will be affected, but we expect up to 3,000 houses will be affected.

“We are telling people to put their bins out as normal, and to leave them out for an extra day. If they haven’t been collected by Saturday they should contact us and we will sort it, but they should only be a day behind.”

Job Centre Plus offices have also been affected by the strike, with some services restricted for the day.

Many are expected to remain open but the Devizes office is shut.

A DWP spokesman said: "We have measures in place to deliver and maintain a service for the public. We expect everyone who is entitled to benefits will receive them."