The manager of a Gastard care home has called neighbours to think about those with dementia, who she says are often ignored.

Warrington Lodge caters for 21 elderly patients with memory problems and is appealing for groups and speakers to visit, to forge links with the community.

Manager Jodie Llewellyn said: “We have tried to arrange speakers in the past and quite often they don’t turn up.

“You hear a lot about people in care being isolated and we want to combat that, but it’s not always easy. We try to establish some links with the community, but sometimes it feels like we are banging our head against a brick wall.”

The lodge shares a site with Claremont Residential Home in Silver Street. It opened three years ago and employs 65 staff.

Mrs Llewellyn said: “People tend to shy away from those with dementia or short-term memory loss, but we have so much fun we wanted to share it.

“Sometimes people act like those who go into care don’t exist, but lots of our residents have led interesting lives and it’s our job to make things as enjoyable as possible for them. We don’t want them sat in a chair all day.”

The home runs regular activities, including cookery, dancing, and arts and crafts, and wants anyone with spare time to help them.

Mrs Llewellyn said: “Maybe people could come and read some poetry, or write them some letters. We’d welcome occasional speakers from local groups.

“We cater for 65s and over, but most people are late 70s, up to our oldest resident who is 102.

“We have some ladies and gentlemen who are physically able to get about, but have mental health issues, and some who are very switched on, but not physically able to get about much.”

To offer help, call Mrs Llewellyn on (01249) 280050 or email to