CHILDREN had a bash at making their own curry at Swindon’s Jewel in the Crown restaurant as part of a project about India.

Around 40 children from Covingham Park Primary School visited the restaurant on Thursday to find out more about the spices used in Indian cooking and even helped to cook their own personal favourites.

Muzammil Ali, who owns the restaurant in Victoria Road, holds workshops every year for school children.

He said: “The school had been doing a project on India and they rang some time ago.

“The teachers wanted to do some Indian cooking with the children as well and asked if they could come in.

“They came in and we talked to them about the different kinds of spices we use and then we split into three groups and took the children into the kitchen and they physically helped with making some bread, and cooking some chicken.

“We have a clay oven which uses coal, not electric, so we showed them that as well.

“They then sat down and read the menu and chose a curry, and then we showed them how we make that, whether it was a chicken bhuna or a chicken korma or butter chicken.

“We showed them the spices we use and they helped to make it before they sat down and ate their lunch. It went very well.

“All the children were very happy and were very excited, and they enjoyed learning about all the food and spices.”