YOUNGSTERS from Lawn Primary School are hoping to hit the right notes at the centre’s new music garden.

The facility includes a selection of unusual instruments, including a car door, radiators and a fire extinguisher, amongst others.

The garden, at the specialist arts school, aims to show their children that all kinds of objects can be used to hold a tune.

Swindon mayor Teresa Page opened the new facility with some of the pupils showing off their creative skills to her.

Headteacher Kelly James said: “The children have been really excited about being a part of the music garden. Everything you see in the music garden has been recycled or donated by parents or local businesses.

“It emphasises the school’s important role in the community and also teaches our pupils the importance of sustainability and that items can have more than one use.”

The new music garden has been planned for a year and will be used as part of the school’s music lessons.

Kelly said: “This will be a very different experience for the children and allow them to have a great deal of freedom in a wide open space.

“They can create layered work using the equipment and look to improve their understanding of percussion and texture in music.”

Lawn Primary School is keen to welcome neighbouring schools to use the music garden.

The garden also links in with the children’s gardening studies which has seen each year group grow their own foods.

During the mayor’s visit, the pupils were selling some of the produce that they have grown themselves.

During the event the school also held an open workshop for pupils and their parents, showing the development that Lawn Primary School’s pupils make from reception through to leaving.

  • Any schools looking to find out more about the music garden can call 01793 522626.