Calne business owner Martyn Powell got the shock of his life when a car crashed through his shop window on Monday.

Mr Powell, of Powell’s Interiors and Upholstery, Church Street, was in the shop with his wife Sue and a work experience girl when the crash happened.

The car, a blue Volkswagen estate, rolled down Church Street and smashed through the shop around midday, showering the place with glass.

Mr Powell, 44, said: “There was a big bang. It was really loud, it even shook the flat upstairs, and all of a sudden the car came into the shop.

“Two minutes before the incident we were actually working in the shop window. 

“The support from fellow shop owners who came racing to help was really good. We try to look out for each other along this street.

“They were out in force with cups of tea.”

Police say the driver of the Volkswagen estate, a woman in her sixties, had not set her handbrake correctly.

The shop will be closed for the rest of the week for the clean-up, and Mr Powell is sorting out the repairs through his insurance company.

Calne Police sergeant Ben Huggins said: “They were all working away and a car came through the window so it’s not the nicest thing for them.

“It’s an unfortunate incident that’s occurred and we would appeal to all drivers to ensure that when they are parking handbrakes are correctly set.”