Year 11 students from John Bentley School, Calne, booked a huge firework display for their prom night to ensure the party ended with a bang.

The students enjoyed a glitzy evening at Bowood Hotel last Friday, with a buffet, music from a cover band, disco lights and a DJ.

They arrived in everything from a forage harvester and open top double-decker bus to sports cars and limousines.

Costumes on the night ranged from ball gowns and cocktail dresses to suits and ties, and even an orange suit worn by pupil Jake Stokes.

Anthony Blackmore, head of Year 11, said: “The evening built towards the huge firework display at 11pm which was a big success.

“It was very classy. People had spent a lot of time and effort getting ready. It was more sophisticated rather than anything too flamboyant. The boys were very smart, three piece suits were very popular.

“They have been a fantastic year group. They have been very hard working, very dedicated, and the prom committee organised everything to do with the prom.”

Eleven pupils on the school’s prom committee organised fundraising events throughout the year to keep the cost of the prom down.

They ran a prom concert starring local bands, which raised £500, and a prom fair involving local businesses, which raised £250.

Sixteen-year-old Amy Butter-worth was part of the prom committee and travelled to the prom in a white Bentley.

She said: “Everyone looked so beautiful. Some people you only ever see in uniform and when you see people wearing really nice dresses you realise how beautiful people really are.

“It was grey throughout the day and we were thinking, ‘oh it’s going to rain,’ but the sun came out about 5pm just in time. It was something to look forward to throughout the exams and a chance to celebrate our hard work.

“I think about 100 people are going on to sixth form, but we’ve got 180 in our year group so quite a few are going off to college.

“I’m quite sad that it’s over. I’ve looked forward to my prom since I was in Year 7 and now mine

Pictures of pupils celebrating the end of the school year