About 200 people enjoyed a traditional tea and sports such as tug-of-war and welly wanging when a village school opened its doors for a community event to remember the First World War.

St Nicholas Primary School in Bromham issued an open invitation to its 1914-style sports day last Thursday and was delighted with the response.

Teacher Sue Hulford said: “It was fantastic. We wanted to do something to launch our World War One project and also to get the village more involved with the school.

“We were very pleased with the number of people who turned up. There were lots of parents and people from different village groups, but there were others who we had not met before at all.”

Children and some of the adults dressed in period costume from the time war broke out in 1914.

Members of the Royal British Legion told stories from their childhood and also incorporated some experiences from the Second World War era.

The afternoon started with a normal school sports day, with youngsters dressed in their PE kit, but then the clock was turned back 100 years as the tug of war and welly wanging took over on the school field.

Prizes were handed to youngsters at an end-of-year awards ceremony later in the day.

The free event was attended by members of the village church, the Monday day club for older people, the WI and the parish council.

When the school’s staff and pupils return to the classroom after the summer holiday, they will be starting a number of First World War-related projects as part of the school timetable.

Mrs Hulford said: “This has really kick-started our project. It was lovely to see the whole village taking part in something.

“A whole team from the school was involved in the organisation and we are all very pleased with the way it went.”