AFTER hard-fought heats, finalists will battle it out one last time to be crowned karaoke king or queen at a high-octane competition in Old Town in support of the 160 Appeal.

Over the past months, amateur singers and professionals faced an often unforgiving audience at the karaoke competition held in aid of the Adver’s campaign to raise £160,000 for Prospect Hospice by the end of the year.

The winners and runners-up of each round and a handful of ‘wild cards’ are now poised to come before a trio of tough judges at the grand final on Sunday at The Victoria pub in Old Town, including the Adver’s own Barrie Hudson.

The karaoke contest seemed the perfect way to raise valuable funds for a worthy charity, according to pub owner Violet McLaren.

“We were having a meeting to plan all of it and that’s when we heard about the 160 appeal for Prospect,” said the 47-year-old from Old Town.

“We thought ‘Why not use it to collect for charity?’ “It’s fun and very entertaining, especially when you see the audience’s reaction.

But it is also a platform for people to perform and to get out there.

“Prospect Hospice is a charity important to a lot of our patrons and that means a lot to a lot of people. Most people know somebody who has been there or who will need it one day.”

The overall winner will be awarded £150.