HUSBAND and wife Audrey and Alan Cripps want to thank a group of young people who came to their aid when they were injured after falling in the town centre.

The couple fell in the rain near Greggs in the Parade at 4.25pm on July, 7. A group of five teenage girls rushed to help them and called for an ambulance. They waited with Audrey, 81, and Alan, 84, until paramedics arrived. They were taken to Great Western Hospital for treatment.

Audrey suffered bruised ribs in the incident while her husband had to undergo a hip replacement. He was discharged from GWH on Saturday.

Audrey, who lives in West Swindon, said: “The weather was terrible and we had a bad fall. The young people who came to help us were absolutely marvellous and I don’t know what we would have done without them.

“We were like drowned rats but they held umbrellas over us and tried to help us the best they could. Young people sometimes get given a bad reputation but I wanted to highlight this good deed and say thank you for the help this group gave to me and my husband.”