Seagulls nesting on roofs of flats owned by Selwood Housing in Willow Grove and College Road, Trowbridge, are driving neighbours to distraction due to their constant noise and dive-bombing.

Norman Burge, who lives in a bungalow in Willow Grove, said the seagull problem has been going on for the last month and people neighbouring the flats are fed up with the constant noise from as early as 4am.

According to Mr Burge, the seagulls are nesting on the roofs of the flats behind the chimney stacks as a result of building work taking place at Wiltshire College, which is situated across the road.

He said he has contacted Wiltshire Council and Selwood Housing about the problem, but neither is prepared to take preventative action until after the seagulls have flown off the flats.

Mr Burge, who has lived in the bungalow for six years, said: “The seagulls are nesting on the flats and they have chicks up there, but the housing association says they are not interested.

“There are around 30 or 40 birds flying around from around 4am to 10pm. The noise is horrendous and they are doing damage to the flats as well as other properties around here.

“I have been here for six years and have never had this sort of problem, as it is usually such a peaceful area. If you step out into the garden they come swooping down on you. Wiltshire Council says it is not their problem.

“I have emailed Selwood Housing several times, but it is like banging my head against a wall.

“They said they are not prepared to do anything until the birds have finished nesting, and then only if they have the funds available.”

Mr Burge also contacted Wiltshire and Trowbridge councillor Jeff Osborn, who said: “Selwood need to take this issue a bit more seriously as it is making the lives of people living nearby intolerable.”

A spokesperson from Selwood Housing said: “We understand that the seagulls at Willow Grove are causing a nuisance to local residents and this must be frustrating.

“Unfortunately we are legally unable to take any action against the seagulls at this time as they are nesting.

“We have sought advice from Wiltshire Council and the RSPB and are researching the most appropriate action and preventative measures for this particular site.”