Members of a new art group are showcasing their talents with an exhibition at St Peter’s Church in Marlborough.

Breakaway Artists, based in Newbury, are eight people who have brought their work together for the first time at the exhibition, which opened on Saturday and features about 110 pieces.

Artist Sharon Perris said: “Whilst we admire the work done by large groups like the Newbury Art Group and Open Studios, we felt that a freer approach in exhibiting our work might suit us.”

She added: “St Peter’s is a nice big space and it’s not really that easy to find a big enough space, because some of our work is quite large and we wanted to display enough work.

“And it’s a different area from where we have been before as individual artist and it such a lovely area.

“It’s already going really well. We’ve sold some pieces and had a good footfall.”

The Breakway Artists exhibition will continue until July 26, excluding Sunday, opening between 10am and 4.30pm daily.