THE former mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett returned to the Great Western Hospital victorious yesterday having not only beaten skin cancer but succeeded in raising £4,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Linda Frost was diagnosed with melanoma in summer 2012 after her GP raised concerns about the size of a mole on her right leg.

It was removed in November but further tests showed the tumour had spread deeper than initially thought.

A week later she was back in the operating theatre.

Two years and a dozen fundraising events later, Linda was able to show her gratitude fully to her GWH Macmillan nurse Tina Phillips when she presented her and the charity with a cheque for £4,000.

“Knowing I had Tina I could turn to at any time is such a reassurance and gives you hope for the future,” she said.

“When I had concerns I knew I could call her. And it’s not just the patient Macmillan help, it’s the family as well.

“I chose Macmillan Cancer Support as my charity during my year as Mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett in 2013 to say thank you for all the support they have given me and continue to.

“We had a cake, bric-a-brac and vegetable sale, and that was followed by a wine tasting and the Mayor’s 5km Charity Race in March.

“And we had Macmillan collection boxes around town.”

Linda’s mother Ann Futter was also diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012. Sadly she died the following year. While Ann was not cared for by Macmillan, the charity offered Linda emotional support in both dealing with her own difficulties and the added stress of caring for her mother.

“The support that we received helped us through this most difficult time,” Linda said.

Noticing a change in the mole on her leg allowed Linda to be treated quickly, and to avoid chemotherapy and radiotherapy “I had not taken a great deal of notice of it and it wasn’t painful but I was at the GP and I asked him to have a look.” she said.

“It was a dark colour and slightly raised. I was very lucky it was detected quickly and I would ask everybody, if they have concerns, to get it checked.”

Tina said: “Very often you don’t realise the impact you have on patients’ lives. You do your job and you don’t realise how it affects them until something like this happens. It’s really lovely. Macmillan relies on donations.”

To support Macmillan contact fundraising manager Steve Goodrick on 07595 091812 or email