TV production company Twofour Broadcast wants to hear from Wiltshire families who need the help of 'Supernanny' Jo Frost in what is being described as the ultimate country house parenting retreat. 

"We are trying to spread the word as far as possible to find families that would be interested in participating and who really need Jo’s assistance and help," said Caroline Topliss, assistant producer for the company.

Jo wants to meet 12 families who are willing to work hard and benefit from trouble shooting which could involve toddlers and teens; single or divorced parents; co-carers; and grandparents.

Twofour Broadcast is an award-winning TV production company known for shows such as The Hotel Inspector (Channel 5), Educating Yorkshire (Channel 4), The Fixer (BBC2), Harry’s South Pole Heroes (ITV1) and Happy Families (ITV1).

To apply to take part visit