THE best friend of a 15-year-old girl who claims she was raped by a pizza delivery driver has told a court he also pestered her for sex.

Giving evidence at the trial of Tahir Mehmood the girl, who was 16 at the time, told how in the days after the alleged sex attack he asked if she would sleep with him.

She said the 27-year-old, who was working for Dominoes in West Swindon, also asked questions about her private parts when he gave her a lift home.

Mehmood, who is accused of rape and sexual activity with a child in relation to the younger girl, denies all the allegations which date from July 2012.

He is said to have taken the 15-year-old to a bungalow he uses for when family visit from Pakistan and, after plying her with red wine, forced himself on her.

The older girl, who is now 18, said her friend revealed bit by bit what she said Mehmood, who used to give them both lifts, had done.

She said she told her she had slept with him a few days after, but only said he used force after the older girl said she had told her parents what he had been saying to her.

In a video taped interview with the police the older girl told how she thought the defendant was trying it on with her after having sex with her friend.

She said he was giving her a lift home when he made the comments, but on the way had to make a delivery in Royal Wootton Bassett.

“He said stuff to me but that was after he had done it to her. After he had done it to her it was like he was moving in on me,” she said.

“He had a delivery in Wootton Bassett. That is when he started asking me would I have sex with him and had I had sex before.

“I said I would tell my dad and he was like ‘Oh, I don’t like dads’. As soon as he dropped me home I told my dad.”

She said her parents were wondering what to do and she told them he had slept with her friend, so they said they would contact the police.

When she spoke to her friend the following day the younger girl told her Mehmood had forced himself on her and would not stop when she asked.

“She kept telling him to get off and he wouldn’t. She was bleeding. She told him to get off and he wouldn’t, she said it hurt,” she said.

The older girl said her friend and Mehmood had been quite close, despite their ages and being married with four stepchildren.

“They were close friends. They would have a chat and laugh together, I didn’t think it was anything sexual. She would say ‘He is nice and makes me laugh’,” she said.

But she said he would also badger her and on occasion refer to her as ‘baby’, which she was uncomfortable with.

“One day she had 18 missed calls from him. He would constantly ring her and pester her,” she said.

Mehmood, of Ermin Street, denies both charges.

The case continues.