Eels raised by pupils in Marlborough were released into the River Kennet last week to mark the end of a two-month project.

Students at Preshute, Aldbourne St Michael’s, Ramsbury, and St John’s Academy have been caring for the baby eels, called elvers, in their classrooms as part of the Eels in the Classroom project.

They learned about the European eel and efforts to reintroduce the species to the Kennet, where it has been absent for 20 years.

The project has been a joint venture between Severn & Wye Smokery, Action for the River Kennet and Thames Water.

Helen Kelly, schools liaison for ARK, said: “The children’s response to this project has been brilliant.

“They’ve been captivated by the elvers, and enjoyed learning all about the fascinating journey each eel made from the Sargasso Sea.

“The release of the eels into the Kennet has helped instil in them the importance of caring for the Kennet and using water wisely to ensure that there is enough for us, and for the wildlife.”