In the wake of tales about Wanda the wandering wallaby, who escaped from an enclosure near Marlborough on July 2, follows a sighting in Calne.

PCSO Mark Cook posted on Calne Police's Facebook page that a "startled motorist" had reported seeing a wallaby crossing the road in Mile Elm near to Pillars Lodge on Friday at about 8.20pm.

"The wallaby was then seen to run away into a nearby field," said PCSO Cook.

"Wiltshire Wildlife and a local rescue centre were alerted at the time to this sighting. Any further sightings please report on 101." 

Motorist Alan Watters said: “I was quite surprised. Initially I thought it was a small deer because it was hopping around straight in front of my car but then it turned to the side and hopped off into the woods near Bowood.”

This wallaby is not thought to be Wanda, who is still believed to be on farmland in West Wick, near Martinsell, as a wallaby has also been sighted on the Bowood estate during the last couple of months.

It does seem as if wallabies have little road sense as traffic is reported to have had to stop in Fyfield a week ago to allow Wanda to cross.

Hopes grow that Wanda will be reunited with owners