Battle will commence on Marlborough Common this weekend as Parliamentary soldiers take on King Charles and his Royalist troops.

The town council is working with the English Civil War Society to stage a re-enactment of a civil war battle on the original site.

It will depict the end of a three-day siege in Marlborough in 1642, when Royalists occupied The Common and ran through the town. The siege saw the town burned and ransacked.

At the weekend, visitors will have a chance to learn more about 17th century life.

In Priory Gardens, a Living History exhibition will take place over both days from 11am-5pm where visitors can learn about civilian and domestic life through depictions of artisans, traders and craftsmen of the time.

Mervyn Hall, of Marlborough’s History Society, which is helping to fund the event, said: “Monday, December 5, 1642, was a very black day in the history of Marlborough.

“By standing up for their principles and supporting Parliament, the people of the town were made to suffer greatly by Lord Digby and his Royalist army.

“The town was wrecked, businesses were looted and the leading citizens were made to walk to Oxford where they were imprisoned – many of them died there.”

The re-enactment of the battle will take between 3pm and 4pm each day.

On Saturday from 11.30am-12.30pm there will be a religious debate in St Mary’s Church and on Sunday at 11.30am a wreath will be laid at the Castle and Bull.

The English Civil War Society has been visiting schools to teach them more about the conflict.