Youth club organisers in Rowde have issued a final plea for adult volunteers to come forward to stop it closing.

Jan Barber and Karen Wheeler, who have run the youth club since 2009, say unless enough volunteers come forward, it will not re-open in September.

They say while they are willing to help out, they want someone else to organise it.

The number of youngsters attending sessions on Friday evenings is at a healthy level, but the number of volunteers has dwindled.

The club held a farewell barbecue last Friday at John Butler’s Farm, which was attended by more than 20 children.

Mrs Barber said: “The weather was beautiful for the barbecue and the venue was lovely, but children are quite sad that they think the club is going to shut.

“We have had three potential parents offering to help, but we need five to be at the Friday night sessions.

“Karen and I will fit in and do the odd session, so we are looking for someone to organise it.”

The youth club used to be in the village hall, but closed as the youngsters could not play ball games there.

After a campaign, it was resurrected and youngsters helped to raise money for new equipment.

Fundraising events included cycling along the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath from Rowde to Bath and holding a big breakfast.

Once it opened, there were two groups: one for younger children and another for older ones.

The older members have now become adults, leaving one session, which is held between 6pm and 7.30pm at Rowde Primary Academy.

Mrs Barber said: “On average, the youth club has 24 to 30 youngsters attending – sometimes 36 upwards – and they really do enjoy it.”

To volunteer help with organisation, call Mrs Barber on (01380) 721211.