LITTLE Lyvia Blaylock was feeling grrrr-eight after appearing in a family photo with all of her great grandparents, who boast a combined age of 701.

The baby has already been hailed a miracle by her parents after doctors told Lee Blaylock, 38, and Becky Bourton, 40, they had more chance of winning the lottery than conceiving.

But against all odds Becky gave birth in May with every one of the six-week old girl’s great grandparents are still alive.

They are aged between 82 and 92 and boast a combined age of 701.

And now they have managed to get all of the great grandparents together for the first time.

Lee, a credit analyst, said: “I don’t know what the secret is to Lyvia’s great grandparents. If I did I would probably try to bottle it up and sell it.

“They are amazing, they still drive, are all still active and Gordon, who is 82, still plays squash.

“We are a close family on both sides and it is quite amazing that we’re all so together.

“The family meeting was brilliant. Lyvia was fantastic as well, even though she was being moved from pillar to post.

“We’ll make sure she’s told about the day we got her eight great grandparents together. They all had a really good time as well.

“Some of them hadn’t met before and they all got on well. It was a fantastic evening.”

All of the Blaylocks, who own Blaylocks shoe shop in Old Town, and the Bourtons live in and around Swindon.

The family photo is something Lee and Becky didn’t think would ever happen.

The couple, who have been together for 18 years, had been trying for children and after four failed attempts at IVF they all but gave up hope.

Lee said: “We then had a meeting with one of the doctors who said we had more chance of winning the lottery than Becky falling pregnant.

“After getting used to the idea, which took some time, we carried on with our lives.

“Last September Becky wasn’t feeling too well so she went to the doctors and came home in tears – she was pregnant.

“Obviously this was a shock to both of us and Lyvia was born on May 25 weighing 6lb 10oz.We call her the miracle baby with eight great grandparents.

“Lyvia is more of a night baby and Becky is a wonderful mum.

“I have to work at the moment so Becky often takes care of her in the night – my earplugs have been a lifesaver.”