CARAVAN engineer Robin Marriott has landed a windfall of £100,000 after winning The Health Lottery’s Saturday jackpot last week.

Twenty-seven-year-old Robin’s first thoughts were of his mum, whose car of 10 years was on its last legs – his first purchase with his winnings was to buy mum Valerie a brand new white Volkswagen UP.

“She has had a car for 10 years but I wanted to treat her, so I surprised her by turning up with a new one,” he said.

“She hasn’t been able to afford one, so she was delighted when I pulled up and broke down in tears. She was a bit emotional.

“She also said I shouldn’t have spent that much money on her, but she was really happy about it and it was so nice to be able to do that for her.”

Robin, of Vicarage Road, Swindon, said he was thrilled when he discovered he had won and admitted he had not really held out much hope of securing the cash prize.

“It is one of those things you just never expect to happen. I was slightly shocked,” he said.

His next step will be to get his foot on the property ladder, along with girlfriend Keana Marsh, 21.

“I am going to buy a house and see what I have after that. At my age it would have taken ages to save that much money, so this is a real bonus,” said Robin.

“I won’t be blowing any of it. I have already been there and done that, so I am going to use the money sensibly.”

Robin plans to keep playing the Health Lottery and his workmates have asked him to pool their money together to buy tickets in the future in the hope that he is a lucky charm.

“I plan to keep playing. I like the way it helps fund local health causes so I have no plans to stop getting my ticket,” he said. “We do a lottery syndicate at work and now my colleagues have said they want me to buy the ticket as they think I must be lucky.”

Every ticket sold from The Health Lottery helps raise money for local health charities and projects and has already helped to raise more than £1,163,000 for projects in Swindon and Gloucestershire through Community Interest Company HealthTotal.

Mimi Turner, director of sales and marketing at The Health Lottery, said: “I am so happy for Robin. I think it is lovely that his first thought was to get his mum a new car.”

Local organisations that have benefited from money raised throught the Health Lottery include Mencap, The Conservation Volunteers, Play Gloucestershire and Swindon Children’s Scrapstore.