A COUPLE who have run a Post Office in Bradford on Avon for 20 years had a send-off to remember after closing its doors for the final time last Friday.

Bill and Jill Sherman have retired after trying to sell the Trowbridge Road business for four-and-a-half years to no avail.

They were showered with cards and gifts before closing and were invited to Fitzmaurice Primary School’s end-of-term picnic for a presentation on Wednesday.

Fitzmaurice School Associa-tion co-ordinated a collection from parents and staff to buy spa vouchers, afternoon tea and prints of the town.

Pupils gave them good luck cards, signed a thank you book and a Post Office-themed cake.

Mrs Sherman, 66, said: “We were gobsmacked. We do a job; we didn’t expect anything. The whole week was a rollercoaster. Everyone was coming in to say bye and there were some tears.”

Mr Sherman, 68, said: “We always liked to think that we were part of the community and this has bought it home. We want to thank everyone who has supported us.”

The couple will continue to live in the property, and are undecided about moving on from “a lovely area with lovely people”.

They have daughters in Durham and Norfolk and five grandchildren. Mr Sherman added: “The first thing we want to do that we have never been able to is babysit the grandchildren.”

Fitzmaurice Headteacher Tracey Dunn said: “Bill and Jill have been great supporters of the school and our fundraising efforts. We wanted to thank them for everything they have done.”