When students at John of Gaunt School in Trowbridge were asked to make a video about their education little did they know they were being set up for a spoof by their teachers.

Now a video of them being interviewed – complete with teachers dancing in the background – has become a YouTube hit and it could even be played on Radio 1’s website on Sunday evening.

The video was filmed as pupils were tricked into thinking they were being interviewed about the Trowbridge school.

While the youngsters spoke to the camera, staff showed off their best moves in the background and the final video was set to Pharrell Williams’ UK Number One hit Happy.

The video was filmed and edited by house leaders Gemma Brown and Katie Poole and technician John Le Broc.

Assistant headteacher Helen Kerr said: “I saw the idea elsewhere and thought it would be something the school could use to say goodbye to the Year 11 pupils of 2014 and hello to the new Year 7 pupils.

“The pupils were unaware of the nonsense going on behind them, as they were told they were being interviewed about what they would share with new pupils about the school. The fun was in the silliness of the teachers.

“You always hear about teachers being serious and children being silly, so it was great to turn that around.

“It has been very positively received and although it was only on a private YouTube account at first, the film has been shared beyond the school and we have now made it public.”

Radio 1’s Dan and Phil Show from 7-9pm will feature the video when Happy is played.

Mrs Kerr added: “The pupils absolutely loved it when we showed it to them and the parents were equally positive about it. It has just brought so much happiness, which is why the song is so appropriate.”

See the video here