TEACHERS at Nova Hreod School raised more than £400 for Children’s Cancer And Leukaemia Movement (CALM) after cycling to Bournemouth.

Bradley Nash, assistant vice principal at the school, challenged executive principal Ben Parnell to the 79-mile challenge, which they completed in just over six hours, despite doing an extra 10 miles.

Bradley said: “Unfortunately we took a wrong turn and ended up doing 10 extra miles.

“Ben is always setting me challenges to raise money for charity so this time it was my turn, and I suggested we cycle to Bournemouth on the last day of term.

“We’ve only recently started working at Nova Hreod and were really keen to respond to the support that our school has received from parents, students and local residents and wanted to give something back to the community.”

The pair chose to raise at least £200 for CALM, and only when they had made the decision did they realise how important it was to the community.

Bradley said: “When we mentioned it in the staff room it turned out that a lot of people knew someone who’s child had had leukaemia, and we found out more about all the work that they do.

“We’ve now decided it will be one of the school’s charities. They just do such fantastic work.”

You can still support Bradley and Ben online at www.justgiving.com/S2B.