A FORMER pub landlord is returning to perform with his old band, which has reformed especially for the occasion.

Twenty-five years ago, Dave Young’s band The Chaos Brothers supported punk icons 999 at Level 3 in Commercial Road. So when the guitarist saw his favourite punk rock outfit had a gig booked for The Vic, his old pub, he got the boys back together.

The punk night will be in the Old Town pub on Saturday from 8pm.

Joining Dave in The Chaos Brothers are Mike Humphries, Simon Bewley, Steve Lines and Richard Parks. The band split when drummer Simon emigrated to Australia.

Dave, who lives in Lawn, said: “Simon, Mike and I met when we were about 12 years old, when my family moved to Calne. We all went to John Bentley School and started playing in bands from then.”

Simon and Dave were also members of The Boys From County Hell, a Celtic punk outfit that performs all over the world and is particularly popular in New York. Dave only left the band when he took up ownership of The Vic in Victoria Road, as he could not give 100 per cent commitment to both.

The musicians from The Chaos Brothers all played in other bands that performed their own songs, so they got together purely to play their favourite punk covers.

Dave said: “We all remember the songs that were around when we left school and for us it was punk rock so we play what we like, including a track by 999, which of course we can’t play supporting them. But we will be playing plenty of other sleazy punk, all the good stuff.’’ Dave said he is looking forward to returning to his old stamping ground because he can relax and enjoy the evening without people asking him to sort out any problems. He said: “I love it , I don’t have to worry about the beer running out.”

Although claiming to be semi-retired, Dave and his wife Anna have been doing up houses and selling them on.

The former landlord has not quit the music scene either as he is planning to create a new country rock band. He does PA work supplying events such as the Stratton Stroll, The Swindon Shuffle and the Devizes Festival and he is a DJ, compering weddings and events such as the Summer Breeze Festival.

The Chaos Brother will be back in action again at the Vic in October when they will be part of the John Peel Anniversary Special. The first John Peel event 10 years ago was the last time they got back together for a jam.

Tickets to 999 and The Chaos Brothers are £8 from 01793 535713.