STRATTON’S tube orchestra challenge extraordinaire Shaun Buswell begins another musical challenge in Edinburgh tomorrow at the world-famous Festival Fringe.

Shaun started his original Tube Orchestra Challenge on January 1, 2012, when he attempted to create an orchestra out of strangers carrying instruments he met on the London Underground.

He asked 328 musical passengers across 346 days if they would be interested in joining his merry band of performers, and it is his account of this pursuit which he will bring to the Fringe.

Along with his anecdotes, he will spend 10 days from tomorrow tracking down musicians in the Scottish capital with the aim of performing on August 11.

Shaun said: “I can’t wait to bring my show to Edinburgh. I had an incredible journey in 2012 and it’s great to tell the story of my orchestra challenge.

“There were lots of highs and lows throughout, from quitting my job to playing on the London Eye, the orchestra appearing on BBC TV and in worldwide press, all the while raising awareness of the children’s charity Daytrippers.

“I’m fascinated with the philosophy of the kindness of strangers, and the Fringe is one of the most cultured places on the planet, so that’s why I am going to attempt another challenge there.

“I’ll try and form a Fringe Orchestra while I’m in Edinburgh – so musicians, I’ll be looking for you.”

Shaun’s show, The Tube Orchestra Challenge, takes place from August 4 to 8, and August 11 to 13 at The Electric Circus (Venue 98), 12.45pm. Entry is free. Shaun’s Fringe Orchestra Challenge performance will take place on August 11 at The Jam House (Venue 44) at 5pm. Entry is also free for this.