WILTSHIRE Fire & Rescue Service has issued safety advice for anyone planning a camping trip.

Station manager Damien Bence, from the community safety department, said: “In particular, we would remind everyone to never bring a lit barbecue inside a tent or caravan – in a number of cases across the country the carbon monoxide fumes have been fatal.”

Allow at least 6m spacing between tents and caravans and ensure that they are away from parked cars to reduce the risk of any fire spreading; never use candles in or near a tent – torches are safer; keep cooking appliances away from the tent walls and never cook inside a small tent or near flammable materials or long grass.

Be sure you know how to escape by cutting your way out of the tent if there’s a fire; and that everyone knows how to put out clothing that’s on fire – stop, drop and roll; and never smoke inside the tent.

With caravans, fit and test a smoke alarm, take special care when cooking – don’t leave pans unattended, turn off all appliances before you go out or go to bed, make sure ashtrays are made of a material that can’t burn or topple over – and never smoke in bed.

Make sure the caravan is ventilated, and never block air vents, to avoid a build-up of poisonous gases. If a fire should break out, call the fire and rescue service and give your exact location as well as a landmark such as a farm or pub etc.

For more fire safety advice, visit www.wiltsfire.gov.uk/yoursafety