WILTSHIRE Council leaders have announced another £300,000 is being made available to support community led youth activities in the area.

The funding is additional to a £270,000 budget for youth activities already being devolved across Community Area Boards from October.

The money – largely raised through local events and funds earmarked for repairs and maintenance – will be used to support local youth projects and help the transition to the new community-led model.

Cabinet member for children’s services Laura Mayes said: “I am pleased that this locally-raised money will be spent within our local communities. The money can be spent by the community on projects which will really help young people in this transition period.

“The new model will be led by the local community with local young people having a say in what’s provided.

“For many young people this is a time of change, but I’d encourage them to be involved so we can ensure the youth activities in their area are what they enjoy and like to do.”